Friday, July 5, 2013

Bowling, oh Bowling

So today we are off to Beaumont/Port Arthur with the kids from our local bowling association! We are traveling with my bestie who is one of my dearest teaching friends, but just got her first principal job! The children (including my husband) are in the back seat with their games and toys, and we are singing away to country classics with occasional conversations about our school projects! It will be a long busy weekend watching the kids from our center bowl with kids from across this great state, but we are excited about some time away and hopefully some beach time! 

I hope everyone is having a blessed holiday weekend! Working on my presentation for that conference as we travel as I am going back through my Pinterest boards, but the one thing on my mind right now that I hope to get across to people who attend my session is that Math Stations don't have to be all worksheets, but they don't have to be expensive or hard to maintain. I use a lot of different dice games and card games with my students, and sometimes they have a half page recording sheet if I want to see something, but sometimes not. I also hope to convey that you don't have to grade every single little thing kids do in stations, but it has to work for you and your students! What worked with one group didn't always work with the next group, so I learned to flex a lot.... More to come when I not having to write this all on my phone, but some points to ponder....

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